Apologize, Sarah | #TOpoli @ThomsonTO


A decades-old zombie lie. Last I checked, Sarah had deleted the tweet, but no sign of an apology thus far.

I’m well aware of what a minefield this is. Gender, race, class, privilege, and marginalization, just for starters. And I’m not going to speculate on her motives for repeating it.

Smarter people than I have already debunked this bullshit, so I won’t go through the details. If you want a quick backgrounder on it, just check out @JudeMacdonald‘s tweets.

(Just one parenthetical side observation in response to the braying we’ll no doubt hear about censorship and freedom of speech: there is no inherent right to be free from criticism. When people call you out on your lies and bullshit, they’re not censoring you, and they’re not attacking your freedom of expression. They’re holding you accountable.)

But I’m assuming we all remember the time when Sarah said the mayor grabbed her ass at a public event? And the way she was smeared as a liar and a loonie? Before you could say “assgate,” she’d become the the target, and was forced to defend a whole slew of attacks on her credibility and integrity, not to mention her appearance and her mental health. It’s a particularly cruel and insidious form of patriarchal bullshit, whereby women making allegations of sexist behaviour and sexual assault are dismissed as “crazy” or “hysterical.” I’ve never had to deal with it, obviously, but more than a few of my female friends have experienced it first-hand. And the connection between it and women’s reluctance to take action when they’re assaulted is well established.

I stood by Sarah Thomson at the time. I did not support her campaigns, but regardless of her politics, she should not have been subjected to what she had to deal with. Neither should anyone else taking part in public life.

Apologize, Sarah. Do the right thing.

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Dog people: pick up your dog’s shit. FFS. | #TOpoli #dogs


Koba and I are asking you nicely.

Really, people, it’s a no-brainer. We shouldn’t even have to ask. It’s part of living in the city and being a good neighbour.

I touched on this a few weeks ago in a post about my attempt to get part of a local green space declared an off-leash area. The upshot of that was that it’s not going to happen any time soon, but in terms of on-the-ground realities, local residents and users of the space — parents, kids, students, dogs and dog people — have established an informal modus vivendi whereby everyone lives and lets live. We look the other way, we keep our dogs under control, we pick up the empty booze bottles, and we try to keep it cool. It’s that old spirit of generosity and accommodation. To the extent that the no-dogs rules are enforced, it’s on a haphazard and occasional basis, and it’s complaint-driven.

So it stands to reason, then, that it’s in all of our interests not to generate reasons for complaints. Which brings me to the prosaic and yucky trigger for this little rant: people who don’t pick up after their dogs.

Seriously, people? Seriously? No, really. Seriously? Do I have to walk you through this?

If you leave dog shit where kids are playing, sooner or later someone’s going to get it on them. Angry parents complain, as they have every right to do, and before you know it the neighbourhood is up in arms and the by-law officers are handing out tickets and a nice neighbourly vibe is poisoned. All because some asshole couldn’t be bothered to assume the most basic responsibility of dog ownership / dog stewardship.

Come on, folks. A lot of life’s little aggravations can be avoided if you just follow one simple rule. Remember the old truism about how it only takes one asshole to ruin things for everyone? Don’t be that asshole.

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What a great country we have. Just look at our heroes | #cdnpoli #TOpoli

Amazing, and only in Canada:

Privileged bourgeois arriviste makes a career out of pissing all over us, whines and holds his breath in pursuit of a manufactured peerage, flips us the bird as he flounces out in a snit, commits fraud, does time, slinks back into our country in disgrace whining about what a victim he is, and yet we still think he’s worth listening to. Of course, this could never happen in real life.

(Doesn’t mean I agree with everything he’s ever said or written, but h/t Stephen Marche.)