A message from Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize.


Sorry, but this is pious, hand-wringing bullshit. Dropping bombs on crowded neighbourhoods that you’ve turned into open-air prisons is NOT a fucking celebration of life.

And about that Hamas-uses-civilians-as-human-shields thing: Yeah, they store weapons close to where civilians live. No shit. Under Israel’s apartheid blockade, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Where are the civilians going to go? There’s no safe place. And even if there were, it wouldn’t be safe for long, because Israel would bomb it anyway, and celebrate the slaughter with fucking tailgate parties.

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Originally posted on jewishinfoNews >>> Now in its 9th year!:

“In my own lifetime, I have seen Jewish children thrown into the fire. And now I have seen Muslim children used as human shields, in both cases, by worshippers of death cults indistinguishable from that of the Molochites.

“What we are suffering through today is not a battle of Jew versus Arab or Israeli versus Palestinian. Rather, it is a battle between those who celebrate life and those who champion death. It is a battle of civilization versus barbarism.”

>>>CLICK HERE<<< to read Elie Wiesel’s full quote that appeared yesterday in an article published on the website Stand With Us.

Elie Wiesel

Awards and honours

Honourary Knighthood, United Kingdom, 2006.
Nobel Peace Prize, 1986.
Medal of Liberty, 1986.
Grand Officer in the French Legion of Honor, 1990.
Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1992
Prix de l’Université de la Langue Française (Prix Rivarol) for The Town Beyond the Wall, 1963.
National Jewish…

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Top Ten Moments in Labour Relations (h/t @Buzzfeed)

Winnipeg General Strike, 1919

Winnipeg General Strike, 1919

Yeah, OK. So sometimes I go for the cheap clicks. Sue me. Who am I to argue with a successful formula?

Ben Hur – Row well, and live

Jack Hawkins susses out Chuck Heston in less than a minute — and then lays down the law. As the uppity employee, Chuck gets a quick lesson in shop-floor culture, and how to maintain his focus.

Ten Commandments – Blood makes poor mortar

Chuck had the chops. Here, as a manager, he displays a pragmatic approach to workplace conflict, and finds a way to combine compassionate leadership with efficient use of resources.

Blazing Saddles – Give us a song

It’s not clear whether this is a union shop, but as a de facto leader, Cleavon Little finds a way to motivate his comrades and keep up morale in the face of unenlightened and clueless managers.

On the Waterfront – John Friendly, come out of there

In spite of it all, I’ll allow that unions, even though they’re democratic institutions, can occasionally become unresponsive or fail to advance their members’ interests. Here, Marlon Brando and Lee J. Cobb demonstrate the proper way to hold union leadership to account.

Game of Thrones – It is done

Sooner or later, any workplace will have to adjust to new ownership and / or new management. Some adjustments are more successful than others; the key, always, is attitude and open-mindedness.

Mutiny on the Bounty – He’s been drinking sea water, sir

As this exchange between Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard illustrates, conflicts aren’t necessarily limited to management versus staff. Sometimes, the lines of communication between middle managers and executives become strained. While this may be an extreme example, it can happen in any workplace. (Also, judging from Trevor Howard’s smile, this company didn’t have much of a dental plan.)

Swimming with Sharks – You. Have. No. Brain.

As Kevin Spacey shows, effective managers take the time to ensure that new employees are properly oriented and understand their roles, and that the expectations of them are clearly spelled out.

A Christmas Carol – You’ll want the whole day off tomorrow, I suppose

Sometimes managers can be decent and compassionate of their own accord, but wouldn’t you rather not have to gamble on it? If it’s a choice between an organized workforce or visits from spirits, well, I know which way I’d go.

Glengarry Glen Ross – Third prize is you’re fired

Bullying. Intimidation. Unhealthy competition. Unrealistic performance expectations. A toxic work environment. Alec Baldwin may believe he’s got the key to motivating the staff here, but really, would you want this guy for a boss? Guy needs to dance with Bucky Dornster.

WKRP in Cincinnati – I’ll join the union if you can tell me where Jimmy Hoffa is

OK, I got nothing here. Les Nessman was always the intellectual heart of the show, and goddamnit, he’s got a point here.

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Hey, NOW magazine? STFU already | #onpoli

Enough already. If we’re to believe the likes of Susan G. Cole and Michael Hollett, long-time MPPs Rosario Marchese and Michael Prue, and promising newcomer Jonah Schein were defeated (and a union-busting lobbyist is on the way to Queen’s Park) not because of Andrea Horwath’s incoherent pandering, but because a few long-time NDPers wrote a letter.

Well, spank my butt. Isn’t it great that the party’s made inroads in “working-class” ridings? Did Susan and Michael buy themselves some new “working-class” overalls in search of some manufactured “working-class” authenticity? Let’s just see how long those new “working-class” seats last.

Cole, Hollett, and the rest of the condescending dipshits at NOW have lost what little cred they might once have had. The NDP needs to marginalize these arrogant self-appointed oracles, stat. The Toronto Sun’s #1 poo-flinger has more authenticity.

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That time I went to the bike store | #BikeTO

Thanks, all, for your RTs and messages of support and commiseration.

This puts me in mind of the time I went to Urbane Cyclist a few years ago looking for a messenger bag. I was drooling over some of the brand new bikes and asked one of the staff about them, and he asked me what I was riding at the time.

I took him outside and showed him my Univega, and he asked me how long I’d had it. I can’t remember exactly, but it had been a few years.

“Is it working for you?” he asks.

Ya, sez I.

Bike store guy: “So keep it. It’s getting you around, it’s a nice ride, you’ve had it x number of years, and it doesn’t scream ‘steal me’ to thieves … “

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Wikileaks welcomes the CIA to the Tweeter

Possibly the most epic burn ever.