Routes of resistance, tactical and strategic | #TOpoli #onpoli

Ok, so we all know what we’re up against. At the tactical level, we can at least make local councillors aware that there’ll be a political cost associated with being part of Team Ford. Vote with that bunch, Councillor, and you can forget about my support next time.

Strategically, it gets a little more abstract. De-amalgamation? A nice thought, and it would be nice to get people talking about it, but probably a non-starter. We can agree what a shemozzle it’s been until the mini-series comes out, but I don’t see any of the three provincial parties touching it. It’s not working, no, but it’s not hurting THEM. What’s their motivation for walking into that quagmire again? They’d be entering a world of pain with no apparent payoff.

Now, recall legislation, on the other hand …

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