Homo americanus and their guns … | #uspoli

Media_httpfastcachega_ijaob via gawker.com

Americans Demand Everyone Always Carry Guns Everywhere

Guns! Guns! We need more guns! We need more people carrying guns! We need more people carrying guns outside, in public, everywhere, constantly armed! What America needs are more armed citizens in public, ready to shoot!

Shoot the bad guys. According to the WSJ, gun rights groups are working hard to realize the founding fathers’ dream of an America in which every last shopper at the supermarket, every last teacher at school, and every last anonymous spectator sitting quietly in the back of a courtroom would be carrying a loaded Glock. Bet you’d think twice about being rude to a fellow American if you knew that person was toting a 9mm with hollowpoints, eh? Unless you had your own, bigger gun. You’ll teach them to threaten you, with their ubiquitous firearms!

They may be an economic and fiscal basket case, but hey, at least they’re packing heat.

Yeah. I can really understand why people want to be more like them.

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