Monorail? Megamall? Now where have we seen this movie before? | #TOpoli

With the sickening predictability of flies landing on rotting meat, the noxious pattern of municipal politics in Toronto has reasserted itself once again. I just didn’t think it would happen again this soon.

Team Ford floats a trial balloon (if there was ever any doubt, here’s proof positive that shit truly does float). Progressive heads explode. The blogosphere and twittersphere heat up with indignant posts and mockery. Emails are sent and phone calls are made to councillors’ offices. Sun Media and/or the local Ezra IrreLevants chime in and, in their inimitably witty and sophisticated way, snicker about what sanctimonious poopyheads the downtown lefty elites are and how much fun it is to get them all worked up. Perhaps Giorgio emerges with another triumphant discovery of lurking Bolshevism. Team Ford, with its usual stolid disregard for its critics, the facts, or fiscal reality, bulls ahead. And more damage is done to Toronto’s urban form, social fabric, and ability to sustain civil and intelligent public discourse.

There’s got to be a better way than this. In all honesty, I’m open to suggestion.

Update: Would I lie to you?


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