Queen West Art Crawl: This is what makes public space public | #TOpoli

This is what a city with a soul looks like.

This is what civic engagement and community look like.

Why would we listen to anyone who wants to diminish and dismiss this? Why would we pay any attention to those who would sweep this away with empty talk of gravy trains or downtown/suburban divides?

We can do better than that, both in how we conduct ourselves and deal with one another and in how we choose our leaders. This is an example of how.

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Toronto-20110917-00124 Toronto-20110917-00123 Toronto-20110917-00122 Toronto-20110917-00121 Toronto-20110917-00120 Toronto-20110917-00119 Toronto-20110917-00118 Toronto-20110917-00117 Toronto-20110917-00116 Toronto-20110917-00115 Toronto-20110917-00114 Toronto-20110917-00113 Toronto-20110917-00112  Toronto-20110917-00111 Toronto-20110917-00110 Toronto-20110917-00109 Toronto-20110917-00108 Toronto-20110917-00107 See the full gallery on Posterous


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