What @justinsb said re @goldsbie

Bear with me tweeps. My Mac’s in the shop. Doing this all on Blackberry, so I can’t Storify the relevant tweets, but someone should. (No names *cough* mcgrath *cough* )

I don’t know the full story about who outed whom, or how and when journalistic ethics were breached, or whether any small urban mammals were harmed, so I’m not taking sides on that. But I will say, publicly, that Goldsbie’s been one of my personal heroes since the Toronto Public Space Committee. People like him make our city better.

You don’t have to agree with everything he does to acknowledge the commitment and energy he brings to his game — and it is, almost invariably, in the pursuit of transparency, information, and accountability. To the extent that we have any input or insight into the mechanisms of putatively democratic governance, it’s because of the things people like Goldsbie do. The guy is a walking embodiment of citizenship and civic engagement, and we could all do worse than following the example he sets.
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