4 thoughts on “@Cityslikr, Riverdale Farm, and getting business out of government | #TOpoli #publicgood

  1. Government can not, and should not, run like a business. A business only deals with me if I have cash, or credit, and an address (particularly on-line businesses). My government deals with me whether or not I have cash, credit or an address.. If a business accidentally gets hacked and my credit information is published I will be fine, partly because my government has laws that protect me. If my health information were leaked, it would be a different story.

    The relationship between a government and its citizens is not analogous to a business and its customers. It is closer to the relationship between a business and its shareholders.

    When the health, welfare and happiness of every person becomes important to the private sector, then we can talk about running government like a business. But then, we probably wouldn’t need it any more.


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