Jack Layton, RIP – posted by sol chrom

A guy who took a profession — politics — that so often speaks to the smallest, meanest and worst of our impulses and invested it with honour, dignity and optimism.

He showed us what it can be like if we rise above the coarse, petty ignorance that characterizes too many of our would-be “leaders” today.

Civility, compassion, working together for something bigger than ourselves. Too often those sound like clichés, but in Jack an inspiring real-life example. If you ever want to see what “citizenship” means, you couldn’t find a better example.

He stood against those who would make Canada a smaller, meaner, sadder place. Let’s honour him by not making it easier for them.

Repurposing something from a year ago. Just thinking about it, I get verklempt all over again.

We are better for the time he spent among us.

Jack Layton, RIP – posted by sol chrom


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