For this we blew off half a season? | #NHL #Leafs

This is entertainment?

This is “the product?”

This is what the NHL wants to market as a sport? Does it want to compete with professional wrestling or something?

Do we have to go through this again? Concussions, disfiguring injuries, lasting brain damage, and for what? So the NHL can crank up its market share among the Cherry / Neanderthal demographic when there aren’t enough flaming crashes on the NASCAR channel?

Colton Orr has already worked his way back from at least one concussion. He did his time in the AHL, working to reinvent his game and broaden his skills, and when he makes it back to the NHL, this is the role the Leafs stick him in? This is the message they want to send? Seriously? 

And can we please dispense with the pious bullshit about needing enforcers to keep the game safe or hold other players accountable? Maybe the league, the owners, the managers, the coaches, and the players could step up and do it on their own, instead of expecting guys like Colton Orr and Derek Boogaard to sacrifice their health and their lives.

Enough already.

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