8 thoughts on “Reviving the Public Good, part 2: Winning back the words | #TOpoli #onpoli

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  2. Oh dear! I’m not sure about the notion about elitism being the ‘idea that important decisions should be made on the basis of the best available information’ Any dictionary I hit seemed to suggest it was a group whose influence or authority was greater than that of others..for whatever reasons.

    Which leads me into asking if you heard Flanagan this week talk about the difference between academia and politics. He talked about the difference between his previous world of politics and his subsequent world of academia. If I heard him correctly, his take was that academia searched for the truth, but politics was finding topics to align people with you so you could move with your agenda. That explains a lot about politics.

    And now I fear tor any way to find a ‘champion’ to send to the House of Commons to speak for our constituency.


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