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Playing up TrainingSpaces

A new personal training and fitness studio in Toronto’s Little Italy. Check out the website here, and let’s revel in some of that sweet, sweet SEO.

Moving over to WordPress. Sayonara, Posterous


Well, it was a nice platform while it lasted. Bear with me for the inevitable hiccups involved in porting my content over, and thanks for understanding when links to related posts go all 404. (All that SEO work and traffic cultivation, shot to hell.)

As somone much smarter than me pointed out, when you play in other people’s sandboxes, you’re subject to their whims. My Tumblr blog will retain its current random, impulsive, squirrel-on-crystal-meth character. From now on, long-form essays and other sleep aids can be found here.


Hello? This thing on?

So, Posterous is turning out the lights. I haz a sad.

Shockingly, WordPress’s import function isn’t working as described:


Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.24.11 PM

Hello, internetz? Now what?